Eye Floaters Surgery

Eye floaters surgery is a conventional solution for eye floaters. Eye floaters are described as dots, lines or specks that some people see; this condition is more common in older adults but can occur in anyone. Eye floaters are annoying at best, and an indication of a serious underlying condition at worst.

It is essential that you seek out medical advice when you first develop eye floaters so that any underlying conditions are managed in time. For example, eye floaters can develop as a result of a retinal tear. Untreated, this can progress into retinal detachment and blindness. You should also seek medical advice if your pre-existing eye floaters suddenly increase in size and number, or dramatically change in appearance.

Once your doctor has confirmed that there is no underlying condition, you will be told that you can either undergo medical treatment or learn to live with them. Unfortunately, the only medical treatment for eye floaters is surgery.

There are two types of eye floaters…

Eye Floaters Prevention 2, Physical Damage

The other aspect of eye floaters prevention, apart from good nutrition, is preventing physical damage. Physical damage can cause eye floaters or exacerbate the condition. Therefore, preventing physical damage to the eyes will help you to stay floaters-free and if you already have eye floaters, it will help to prevent from making the condition worse.

The first point is to avoid eye injury, which is probably an obvious recommendation. Injuries to the eyes are one of the main causes of eye floaters, and often these are preventable. If you participate in contact sports, such as martial arts, make sure you wear appropriate protective gear if you do not want to avoid such a sport altogether.

Eye floaters can also be caused as side effects of some medications. Therefore, try not to take strong medications unless you really need them, and make sure you stick to your doctor's recommended dose. Never exceed this dose and never stop or lower the dose without asking your doctor first. Illega…

Eye Floaters Prevention 1, Nutrition

You may be asking how you can prevent eye floaters from happening to you. Or maybe you already have eye floaters and are keen not to let them get any worse. Eye floaters prevention involves a holistic approach incorporating proper nutrition and protection against physical damage to the eyes. Nowadays more than ever, the old adage "you are what you eat" holds.

Medical research is demonstrating that with the proper diet, almost all physical ailments can be prevented and treated, from allergies to heart disease to cancer. Eye floaters are no different. Often the cause of eye floaters is an age-related change in the consistency and fluidity of the vitreous humor (the liquid inside your eyes). And, just like you can protect your cardiovascular system from age-related damage by making sure you get the proper nutrients, so you can prevent damage to the vitreous humor.

Indeed, the main part of the dietary advice on preventing eye floaters is similar to that on preventing heart dise…

Locating an Eye Floater

Eye floaters can occur in many shapes, numbers, and densities. Indeed, it is believed that the pattern of a person's eye floaters is unique to them, much like a fingerprint. When you go to doctors, they may have trouble locating the eye floaters with their instrumentation; however, with your help, they can correctly locate it and diagnose it properly.
The shape and clarity of an eye floater will depend a lot on its position within the eyeball. If your floaters look hazy and the edges are not well-defined then it is likely that the floaters are either close to the lens or near the center of the eyeball. When the floaters are at these locations, the light coming in through the lens and past the floater will cast a shadow on the retina, and this shadow is actually what you are seeing (and not the floater itself).

On the other hand, if you can see your floaters clearly, with edges that are very well-defined, then it is likely that your floaters are found just off the retina. With the…